XIMEA 16 Mpix High Resolution Camera With Exciting Speed Possibilities Available Now

Following the release of the initial model with 12 Mpix at 333 Fps, XIMEA is now ready for orders of an additional version with a high resolution of 16 Mpix and speeds over 300 frames per second.

Fujinon Anti Shock & Vibration Technology at Vision 2018

Industrial imaging systems are frequently subject to strong accelerations, shocks, and vibrations. This is especially true for mobile systems, like robot-guided 3D scanners, but also for fixed installations.

Industry 4.0: safety glasses off, data glasses on!

Safety helmets with built-in microdisplays and multifunction data glasses will soon monitor production lines, advise workers of dangers, and display storage locations.

Revolutionary Fixed Grating Spectrograph provides superior performance and affordability

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in fluorescence instrumentation and other spectroscopy solutions, is proud to introduce Lumetta, an innovative- Fixed Grating Spectrograph that delivers affordability and performance in one compact instrument.

Nominations Are Being Accepted for RHSTAR 2018 to Promote Humanitarian Applications of Science and Technology

Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2018 Rotary Humanitarian STAR (Science, Technology, Aerospace and Robotics) Awards.

Lambert Instruments Introduces Toggel: A Next-Generation Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Camera

New FLIM camera simplifies fluorescence lifetime imaging for researchers and imaging centers by combining excellent light sensitivity with easy image acquisition and data analysis.

Hitachi High-Technologies and Digital Surf announce new Hitachi map 3D software

Dedicated software for Scanning Electron Microscope users – Tokyo, Japan & Besançon, France: the release of new Hitachi map 3D software based on Mountains® Technology opens up a new world of opportunities …


Eight finalists out of 80 submissions showcase innovative advancements spanning across all areas of laboratory science

HORIBA Scientific Announces New Aqualog Water Treatment Monitoring Software

Affordable Benchtop Spectrometer Offers Best Sensitivity in Class. HORIBA Scientific, global leader in optical spectroscopy systems and solutions, has just announced MacroRAM, its newest Raman benchtop spectrome …

XIMEA cameras with Sony IMX255 and IMX253 sensors are now available

MÜNSTER, Germany – 2017-03-20 – It started with models based on IMX174, IMX252 and IMX250, and now XIMEA has made accessible to the general public the first units with Sony CMOS IMX255 sensor providing …