Optical Imaging and Chemical Mapping at Nanoscale

UT-ORNL team announced the invention of a new type of optical microscope called Surface Plasmon Scanning Tunneling Microscope(SPSTM) which will help in studying optical properties of thin samples at nanoscale.

e-con Systems launches 5MP Monochrome USB 3.1 SuperSpeed Camera

e-con Systems Inc., a leading camera solutions company, today announced the launch of See3CAM_CU55M, a 5 MP Monochrome USB 3.1 Gen 1 SuperSpeed Camera.

An OLED pilot line introduces itself: From PI-SCALE to LYTEUS

Flexible OLED light – a dream comes true for many product designers! The PI-SCALE project (project number: 688093) funded by the European Commission has been successfully completed.

The NanoScan OP400 objective positioner – for high speed, high accuracy, repeatable Z stacking

Prior Scientific is proud to announce the release of the NanoScan OP400, a piezo based objective scanner. Prior Scientific acquired Queensgate in 2018 and the NanoScan OP400 combines Prior’s expertise in delivering microscopy …

LUCID Expanded 5GigE Atlas Camera Series with High-Performance Sony Pregius 16.8 MP and 19.6 MP CMOS Sensors

LUCID Vision Labs, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of unique and innovative industrial vision cameras, today announced the entry into serial production of its Atlas 16.8 MP and 19.6 MP cameras over 5GBASE-T PoE.

JAI adds 4 more microscopy cameras offering enhanced suppression of dust/FODs

JAI today announced the availability of four new 3-CMOS prism color cameras designed for use in microscopy-based systems where maximum control of dust, lint, and other foreign object debris particles (FODs) in the optical path is critical. 

FUJINON Upgrades Popular Lens Series with “Anti-shock and Vibration” Design

Fujifilm announces the update of its popular DF/HF-HA-1B series lenses to ruggedized versions equipped with the unique Fujinon “Anti-shock and Vibration” technology. Demand for quality optics in ruggedized versions continues to increase and the designated DF/HF-HA-1S is designed to meet that demand.

OPT Machine Vision GmbH Founded

A key player of the global Machine Vision Industry establishes its first European company in Germany and builds R&D center in Berlin

Thorlabs Extends OCT Offering to Include Spectral‐Domain Polarization‐Sensitive Device

Thorlabs announced today that it has expanded its well‐established TelestoTM OCT line to include two complete imaging systems that offer polarization‐sensitive detection.

Lambert Instruments Introduces Toggel: A Next-Generation Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Camera

New FLIM camera simplifies fluorescence lifetime imaging for researchers and imaging centers by combining excellent light sensitivity with easy image acquisition and data analysis.