Fraunhofer: Safe and effective energy storage media of the future

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in-house LiScell joint project was successfully concluded in May 2017. Lithium-sulphur technology was studied because it might offer an attractive energy-storage solution for future mobility thanks to its low cost of materials and high energy density.

OPTRONICS and Ikegami Announce Distribution Partnership

GOLETA, CA – September, 2017 – OPTRONICS, a manufacturer and system integrator of microscope imaging systems, announces a new partnership agreement with Ikegami for distribution of their complete line of ultra-high definition video camera systems and video accessories for use on microscopes and other industrial visual inspection applications.

HORIBA: A-TEEM Combines Absorbance and Transmission with EEMs

HORIBA Scientific, a global leader in Fluorescence solutions, is pleased to announce that it has patented a new technique for molecular fingerprinting. A-TEEM™ (Absorbance and Transmission Excitation Emission Matrix) simultaneously measures absorbance and fluorescence transmission

CRAIC Technologies: Rapid Vitrinite Reflectance Measurements With GeoImage™

GeoImage™ uses a camera to measure vitrinite reflectance and quickly determine the thermal maturity of coal and coke. SAN DIMAS, CA – September 15, 2016– Coal is a vital source of energy.

Andor: Deceptively Simple SCAPE 4D Microscope brings Major Innovation to Live Cell and Whole Animal Imaging

Andor Zyla 5.5 sCMOS camera at the heart of new technique to perform real-time 3D imaging at unprecedented spatial resolution

Craic: Calibrated Glass and Oil Standards for Glass Refractive Index Measurements

CRAIC Technologies announces the availability of glass and oil standard reference materials set to calibrate glass refractive index measurement instruments.

UConn School of Engineering Announces UConn-ZEISS Partnership and Introduces a New Microscopy Center

STORRS, CT – August 31, 2017 – The UConn School of Engineering announced the launch of a new UConn-ZEISS Partnership with the opening of a new, state of the art laboratory, the Reverse Engineering, Fabrication, Inspection and Nondestructive Evaluation (REFINE) Lab. The event was attended by many members of the ZEISS leadership team, including President of ZEISS North America, James Sharp.

Laser Components:The Most Powerful UV-C LED in the WORLD

High-Power Single-Chip UV-C Source for Water and Air Disinfection – LG Innotek, UV LED partner of LASER COMPONENTS, announces the first 70mW UV-C LED in the world. At 278 nm, it features the highest power ever achieved from a single chip.

Minus K: Negative-Stiffness Vibration Isolation Facilitates Nano-Research into Superionic Solid Electrolytes for Next-Generation Lithium Batteries

Advances in materials testing techniques have enabled scientists and engineers to measure mechanical properties, and observe and characterize mechanical phenomena that control deformation and failure down to nearly the atomic level.

Olympus MX63 microscopes locate hard-to-see defects

Enabling precise inspection of electronic equipment, Olympus’ MX63 and MX63L microscopes make large industrial sample inspection quick and easy, even for difficult-to-inspect samples such as semiconductors, printed circuit boards and flat panel displays.